Giving birth is one thing and raising a child is another. Most times children develop different emotions which reflect their upbringing, friends and environment. Shyness is an emotion that shows the innermost feeling of a person. Feeling shy means a child is uncomfortable and would better off not be at that place at that time.

There are different reasons why a child feels shy and these reasons are

·    Perception of others towards them

This is a major reason why people become shy, so many things go through their heads while in public. They try to figure out what people think when they are being looked at, are they beautiful enough, are they accepted, would they be able to make contributions that would be accepted by others, would they be laughed at? These and many more thoughts go through the minds of those that experience shyness.

·    Low self-esteem

This is a contributor to one’s shyness and this bothers on the child’s experiences while growing up. When a child is being talked down on and made to feel they are not worth it or they cannot amount to anything, this affects the esteem of the child and this makes the child become shy in the presence of others.

·    Lack of self-awareness

When a child doesn’t know who they are and what they want, they tend not to have a say because they are tossed around by others and they become shy in making their own decision. Hence, it is important to teach them self-awareness as it will help them not to be shy.

Now we are going to look at the ways we can help a child overcome shyness

1.   Do not talk down on your child

As a parent or guardian, you need to know how to correct a child without talking down on the child. If a child is not doing the right thing, correct the child in a loving way, point out the issue and don’t talk down on the child while doing so. Avoid calling the child derogatory names while correcting a child

2.   Build confidence in them

Most children that are shy are this way because they are not sure of their decision-making skills. As a guardian, you need to build confidence in your child by assigning them some responsibilities that they are capable of handling at their age. Allow them to take up these responsibilities and be open to their decisions or idea. Children also learn quickly by observation so, as a parent or guardian, you need to showcase confidence in what you do

3.   Let them know it is okay to make mistakes

At times we push our children so hard making them feel they can’t attain a certain level. Be easy on them, allow them to make mistakes and let them know it is okay to make mistakes. Making mistakes teaches us how to manage such situations in a better way.

4.   Teach your children social skills

Let your children know that socialization is part of life and it is important that they develop the skills needed in socialization. Teach them how to respond to people, what to do in an unfamiliar environment and how to make friends.

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