Welcoming a new baby can be both exciting and daunting and for some parents out there it can be made even more challenging if their little one has a physical disability or is differently abled. This article provides some simple but useful tips to help you provide a great start in life for your physically disabled baby.

Early change in mindset

As soon as you know that your child has a disability, no matter what it is, there needs to be open and honest communication between parents. Discuss what the disability is and how it may impact on the family and more specifically your new baby. By creating a clear understanding of the disabilities and the additional needs that the baby may have, you will be able to adjust or change your mindsets accordingly and become a better parent. In order to share the responsibilities of parenting you need to be positive and look for shared solutions to any challenges that may arise. It is these changes in mindset and the associated parental communication that will allow you to create a supportive and loving environment from the outset.

Travel is essential

Having the right means to travel and attend any hospital or specialist appointments that may be required is an essential element of any baby’s start in life. However, a disabled child may have more regular medical checkups and appointments. Whether this is car travel or prams and carry assistance, as aforementioned you should be able to adapt as early as possible  and look for a disability friendly vehicle at places like alliedmobility.com that will be able to accommodate a possible future wheelchair and be a convenient means of getting out and about with your baby.

Plan suitable activities

The aim is to attend the parent and baby activities that you plan to engage with as a rule with any baby. As long as they are age relevant. Either find specific activities that will suit your child’s particular disability or look at mainstream activities that can still be done. Spending time with other parents and children is a good way to improve parenting skills and allows for early socialization of your child.

Look for parenting support

Depending on the disability, you may need to be trained on the disability and having support to assist you in your care will ensure that your child has the best start possible, there are so many support structures out there. Also ensure that you enquire at the hospital and from your family medical support as to any specific organizations that assist with the disability in question. Looking for and accessing such support will make a positive difference to your parenting.

The aim is to ensure that your child gets the best start in life. We all accept that the first 1000 days of a child’s life are essential in their overall development and thus it is in this time that  you, as a parent can have the most positive influences and give the best support to provide the best start possible for your disabled child.

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